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Cherokee County Property Taxes

By Roger Griffeth
Property Owners Cherokee County, Alabama October 1, 2016 - September 31, 2017

If you purchased property after October 1, 2016 your 2017 property tax is due before December 31, 2017.
Most buyers forget that when they closed on their real estate purchase that the property taxes were pro-rated between the buyer and seller.  The closing agent charged the seller for the time period they owned the property and gave it to the buyer in the form of a credit.  
More likely than not the tax bill for 2017 was mailed to the seller and the buyer may have forgot that he/she owes the taxes.  If you haven't paid the property taxes yet, it's time to start inquiring how to go about doing that before December 31st. As information, The County Revenue Commissioner is not required to mail tax notices and does so only as a courtesy to the taxpayer. You are responsible for the payment of taxes whether you receive a statement or not.

If you qualify, you should file for the homestead exempti…

Weiss Lake Gets a Face Lift!

I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW...the trees are gone!After years of debating Weiss Lake is finally getting face lift. The heavy growth of trees that once lined the causeway between Cedar Bluff and Centre on Hwy 9 are almost, with the exception of a few cedar trees, GONE. Not sure who made the decision to proceed with the project, but I feel it was the right decision at the right time. 
For the past 2 weeks work crews have been cutting trees in order to open-up the view of Weiss Lake and boy did it work.  

Motorist can now see the expansive mass of water (and stunning sunsets) as they travel through the community on there way to...well, anywhere they happen to be going. 

Credit for the coordination of this project goes to the Cherokee County Highway Department, Alabama Highway Department, Alabama Power, and  Whorten Construction.  As a frequent user of this strip of highway, I can personally say they have done a wonderful job in keeping the traffic flowing in both directions. 
Hopefully, motorists …

Pelicans at Lake Weiss Alabama

Posted by Roger Griffeth
Enjoy this video of Pelicans at Lake Weiss taken last year (2016).  The lake was down and the bait fish were caught in shallow water just off the main river channel. Once they finished in this direction they crossed over the sand bar and headed back the other direction. This video was taken from our back deck.  Was a site to see!

American White Pelicans cooperate when feeding. Sometimes, large groups gather in wetlands. They coordinate their swimming to drive schooling fish toward the shallows. The pelicans can then easily scoop up these corralled fish from the water.

Questions and Answers About VA Loans  Presented by, Roger Griffeth,   
When is a VA Loan the right choice?
Answer: When you need to purchase a qualified property and you need 100% financing.  

However, If you have at least 20% of the purchase price to put toward your loan you need to consider a conventional loan as an option. If a USDA loan is an option (Cherokee County, Alabama qualifies for the USDA program) then all options should be calculated.  While zero down might be attractive, in some cases, a VA Loan may be the more expensive option. 

What are the qualifications for a VA Loan? Click Here for Answer 

Q. - Do all homes qualify for a VA loan? No, Homes must pass a VA inspection (appraisal).  Among other items, GFCI’s by all water sources, no peeling paint, roof has to have 8-10 years worth of life left on it, hand rails installed if two or more stairs are present, heating source in all rooms. Manufactured homes and other types of properties can qualify if they meet certain requiremen…

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